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We’re pleased to announce from 1 January 2018 your insurance with Vision Super is moving to MLC Life Insurance. We’ve locked in premiums so for the vast majority of members there will be no increases for the next three years – that makes six years running without a premium increase for the majority of our members.

For more information on the partnership please refer to the media release and the frequently asked questions.


Update insurance cover

As your life changes so do your insurance needs. Use our calculator to see how much cover you need.

Insurance cover calculator

Changes you can make to your insurance cover

Important: You must write to us within 90 days after one or more of the Key Life Events occur to make a change without filling in extra paperwork.

Death and disability cover

You can increase your insurance cover to either twice your existing death and disability cover, or by $200,000 (whichever is lesser) usually without having to provide medical evidence within 90 days of one of these ‘Key life events’ happening:

  • Get married
  • Have a baby or adopt a child
  • Take out a new mortgage - must be your primary home. Excludes refinancing and investment property
  • Death of your spouse
  • Get divorced
  • Child’s first day at primary or secondary school
  • Become eligible for a Carer Allowance from Centrelink.

Income protection

You can shorten your income protection waiting period to 30 days (if it is currently 60 days) or if your salary is out of date, you can increase your cover by up to 25% of your existing sum insured, subject to the maximum monthly benefit of $30,000. To increase your cover you must apply within 90 days of a Key Life Event or two months of a salary increase.

Read the Income Protection fact sheet.

Need to make changes to your cover?

We are in the process of making a change to our insurance provider. From 1 January 2018, your insurance will be underwritten by MLC Life Insurance. During this transition time, you can still apply for insurance, change your insurance or make a claim. For more information, please call our Member Services team on: 1300 300 820 8.30am-5pm AEST.


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