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Enjoy retirement without worrying where your money is coming from.

We have low cost, flexible income streams that help your savings last longer no matter what your circumstances. They are designed to help your money go the distance even if you are still working part time.

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Need advice?

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Vision Super exists to help our members secure the best for their future. We place great importance on making it easy to for you to get the information you need to have the retirement you want.

What is financial advice?

Financial advice isn't just about choosing products and investment options, it also looks at and helps you see the big picture, make informed decision to manage changes and stay on track.

A typical planning process includes:


Do I need financial advice?

If you find yourself wanting to know more about the following then it’s more than likely you will benefit from financial advice.

  • Making the transition from work to retirement.
  • Maximising your super.
  • Choosing a suitable investment option.
  • Understanding the Age Pension and other government benefits.
  • What retirement products are suitable.
  • Gifting money to your children and grandchildren.


Important to know: unlike financial advisers who work for banks or other retail organisations, your Vision Super financial planners don’t receive commissions or bonuses for financial advice and are only paid a salary. That means we can guarantee their advice is always in your best interests, and you never need to worry whether they’re recommending a product because they want the commission or they’re trying to earn a bonus.


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