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Choosing a super fund for life is one of the smartest choices you can make to boost your retirement savings – most Australians have more than one super fund, and over your working life that could mean thousands of dollars wasted in fees.

Luckily, we’ve cut through the paperwork, so staying with Vision Super when you change jobs is simple.

Note: Most Australians can choose the super fund they want their employer to pay into. There are some exceptions.

Make us your preferred fund

To keep your super contributions coming to Vision Super, ask your new employer to pay your super to us by:

1 Filling in our online Vision Super choice of fund form
2 Emailing it to your new payroll officer.

or downloading and printing the Vision Super choice of fund form

1 Filling in your details
2 Giving it to your new payroll officer.

Alternatively, if you are a Vision Personal member, download the Vision Personal choice of fund form and follow the steps above.

Combine your super into one fund

If you think you have more than one fund, now’s a great time to get all of your super together. This could save you thousands in fees – and make keeping track of your super much easier.

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