Income streams
Enjoy retirement without worrying where your money is coming from.

We have low cost, flexible income streams that help your savings last longer no matter what your circumstances. They are designed to help your money go the distance even if you are still working part time.

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Three Buckets Pension

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An easy retirement income

Enjoy retirement without worrying where your money is coming from.  

Vision Super's new, low-cost retirement income option, Three Bucket Pension, can help you control how long your savings last, providing you with a stable, regular income in retirement.

The Three Bucket Pension is an investment option with a strategy that aims to strike a balance between income stability and capital growth over the medium to long term. It’s designed to help make your money last as long as possible. You still have the flexibility to make lump sum withdrawals to pay for extras, such as holidays, but withdrawals like these will impact the length of time the pension lasts.


Why Three Buckets?

The Three Bucket Pension is an account based pension where your money is divided into three different buckets - short, medium, and long-term - to leverage the relationship between risk and return. Essentially, the three bucket approach is an investment choice available to you which involves us placing your investments into three other investment options (each with different characteristics) that we offer.

Key pension features 

  • Income – Choose your annual income and receive regular payments.
  • Investments - Set-and-forget investment strategy, providing you with income while also helping to manage the risk of you outliving your money.
  • Flexibility - Access additional money whenever you need it
  • Payment frequency - Receive regular payments on top of the Government Age Pension (if eligible) at the frequency that suits you.
  • Automatic rebalancing of your portfolio - Each year we check how your pension account is invested and, if necessary, we will rebalance your investment portfolio.

Simplicity and ease of use

Select the Three Bucket Pension option when setting up your account and leave the ongoing investment decisions to us. We help manage your retirement savings, while you keep your other options open.

Who should choose this pension?

This pension has been designed for members who don’t want to make investment choices in retirement and are happy for the fund to manage these decisions.


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