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    Vision Super member, Melinda
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It seems like most of the world has been turned upside-down this year. The COVID pandemic has hit hard and made it incredibly difficult to continue operating as normal, but through the noise, Australians have made positive changes and learnt to slow down. There’s greater support for our small local businesses, we make taking care of the most vulnerable an urgent priority, and we’ve started to check in on our loved ones more than ever before.

At Vision Super our members are always our priority, and when we started locking down, our attention moved to the wellbeing of our members who may be anxious about the markets. For that reason, we picked up the phone and started calling. We have called over 5,000 members to check-in to see if they’re okay and if they wanted help understanding their super and give some reassurance about market fluctuations. We asked whether they needed help if they were changing their investments, and whether they were comfortable with their current arrangement, and simply made ourselves available.

While many people only needed the reassurance that Vision Super are there for them, many others did ask for help, and you can read their stories.

Frank, 61

I’ve been really cautious [of checking investment returns] because for the longest time I didn’t want to look because I knew that it would be a scary thing to do because of the downturn, but just knowing that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… I was going “wow this is fantastic” and I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised how much things have lifted since that big hit and thanks to my mates at Vision I am invested in the right option [for me].

Testamonials Frank Be kindTestamonials Frank puppy

Photos supplied by Frank.

Kerryn, 59

I had a meeting with Jason, and we filled out some surveys to understand how I feel about ‘this and that’ to figure out what my split in my super should be. I had been thinking about that anyway. I was happy to have a conversation and we spoke a couple of times. From that, he showed me on the app how to change the percentages based on the questions he asked and the answers I gave. Filling out the documentation he gave me, we figured out the risk area I want to be in the foreseen future. A “risk profile”, and it was really good. I hadn’t had that done before and it was quite interesting based on the questions you asked.

Testamonials Kerryn patio

Photo supplied by Kerryn.

Rosemary, 70

I feel Vision Super is a reliable, established fund, and I’ve appreciated the visits from the Growth team. I find the visits Vision Super does in the workplace to be valuable, and I tell the girls at work to think about salary sacrificing. I try to tell my kids when they listen to me that by the time you are 60, you should be able to utilize the tax advantage.
Recently, both advisers have been so amazing with any queries. They’ve helped to create a retirement plan. The pension is my only income apart from the Centrelink. Dealing with Centrelink, and not having a huge amount of super due to having kids, I needed all the help I could get to ensure my super was safe, yet could offer a good return.

Testamonials Rosemary van

Photo supplied by Rosemary.

Need advice?

The best investment option for you is the one that suits your personal goals, so it’s never too late or early to get advice. Doing so could make a big difference to your retirement savings. Call us on 1300 300 820 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm to find out how Vision Super can help.

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