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Did you know that when you change jobs, we can come with you?

Changing jobs is both exciting and nerve-wracking, and making sure your super is going into the right account shouldn’t be something you need worry about.

If you don’t tell your employer you already have a Vision Super account when you start a new job they will set up a new one for you, which is one reason why so many Australians have multiple super accounts.

According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), 24% of Victorians have two accounts and 12.75% have three or more, which is seriously concerning1. ASFA’s Super Guru did the maths on this and found if you have one account, you may pay $10,500 in fees over 30 years, so if you’re one of those with five accounts, you could end up paying $52,5002 in that same timeframe.

If you don’t get to provide your details when signing your employment contract don’t worry - you have up to 28 days to provide your employer with your super fund details. And worst case, you can always get additional accounts that have been opened consolidated into your Vision Super account via your online access.

Or call us and we’ll do it for you!

Vision Super tips

  • If you earn more than $450 in a calendar month, your employer needs to pay you super. But if you’re under 18 years of age, you also need to work more than 30 hours in a week to be eligible.
  • Unless you have an EBA that restricts you to the one super fund, when you change jobs you will be given the option to nominate a superannuation account of your choice. Just fill out this Choice of Fund form if you have a Super Saver account, and this one if you have a Vision Personal account.
  • Check your payslip regularly. Your employer may pay you your wage weekly or fortnightly, but a lot of employers pay super on a different schedule: monthly or even quarterly. Make sure what is listed on your payslip corresponds with your payment in that period.
  • If you have discrepancies in payments, the first step would be to talk to your employer because there may be a reasonable explanation why you’re owed money. If not, the ATO can help you with information and advice on your super entitlements and can also help you recover any contributions your employer has not paid.
  • Consolidate*! If all else fails and you end up with multiple accounts, all you need to do is log into your Vision Super account and complete a super search. You’ll be able to roll in any funds you find by clicking a button, it’s that easy.


If you don’t already have a Vision Super account, signing up is easy. Just visit love.visionsuper.com.au to open a low-cost sustainable account and be part of an award winning super fund.


* While Vision Super offers a free service to help transfer your other super funds into your account, before you rollover, you should consider any fees or charges that may apply, and the effects this may have on your benefit entitlements, such as your insurance cover, which may cover you for life, disability or income.

1 https://www.ato.gov.au/About-ATO/Research-and-statistics/In-detail/Super-statistics/Super-accounts-data/Multiple-super-accounts-data/
2 Super Guru, “Sorting out your super” http://www.superannuation.asn.au/ExternalFiles/e-comms/docs-media/mr140902-msw-guide.pdf

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