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One way you can help your employees to feel more financially secure is to make sure you keep us updated when your employees change employment status, so they get the insurance cover they’re entitled to. People who know they’re covered if life takes a turn for the worse feel more confident in their financial situation.

Casual to non-casual

If your employee has moved from casual to permanent full or part time employment, they become eligible for automatic income protection, death, and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover#. Please let us know if one of your employees changes to a permanent position. In the Vision Super system, we use ‘casual’ and ‘non-casual’ as the employment status codes, so all you need to do is switch them from ‘casual’ to ‘non-casual’ – but if you don’t let us know, we can’t provide automatic insurance cover.

Income protection cover

As you know, if one of your employees is unable to work for a time because of an illness or injury, income protection cover helps to replace their lost income during that time.

Our default income protection cover will provide an employee with up to 75% of their annual salary (up to an annual salary of $128,000), with benefits payable after a 60-day waiting period, for up to two years*. The 60-day waiting period starts from the date a doctor certifies that your employee is unfit for work. There is no need for them to use up their sick leave or other leave entitlements before they make a claim.

Death and TPD cover

Death and TPD cover is 24/7 - whether your employee becomes ill, injured or dies at work, at home or even overseas, they or their family can still make a claim. If your employee becomes totally and permanently disabled, it can be used to cover medical expenses, or in the unfortunate event of a death it can help the family to deal with ongoing expenses like a mortgage.

The automatic amount of Death and TPD cover we provide is three units when eligible. With unit-based cover, the total sum insured varies depending on the age of the employee.

Changing or cancelling cover

Default insurance cover is just a starting point and your employees can apply to change or cancel their cover at any time. During key life events, your employees can apply for more cover without providing medical evidence. Please see the Vision Super website for more details and refer to our Insurance Guide.

How to update your employee’s employment status

Please do let us know if of any of your employees have started working full time (or in a permanent part-time role) so we can offer the option of adding cover to their policy. If you don’t, we can’t provide them with default cover.

Employer portal

You can update your employee’s employment status by logging into our website as an employer at www.visionsuper.com.au. Please note that casual and non-casual are the only employment status codes that the Vision Super system recognises.

Or send us a file via the “send files to Vision Super” link. 

SuperStream files and Superstream Alternative File Format (SAFF)

Whether you submit your SuperStream contribution files via a payroll provider, or do it yourself using the SAFF, Vision Super will automatically update an employee’s status when the file is received if the information differs from what we have on our system.


If it’s easier for you, just send us a note to let us know your employee’s status has changed – email employerservices@visionsuper.com.au


If you have any questions, please call the employer hotline on 1300 304 947.


# From 1 April 2020, due to government changes Vision Super will only apply automatic insurance if an account balance is at least $6,000 and you are over 25 years. There are also other eligibility criteria. Existing members with low balances will also lose their insurance if they do not opt in by 31 March 2020.

* Generally, members will get automatic Income Protection cover when they are in part or full time (ie non-casual) employment with a participating employer and have a balance over $6,000 and are over 25 years. However, members must (among other things) be a non-casual employee aged between 15 and 65 with a salary over $7,999 a year (not including super, before tax) to be eligible for cover.



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